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Transtoke Standard

Parcels Europe - Poland, Poland - Europe

up to 30kg from only £25.00 / 135.00 PLN each



We offer an attractive service to send consignments Europe - Poland, Poland - Europe :



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Service Transtoke Standard is carried by company DPD or Parcel Force. Direct contact to couriers, for particular country you will find in the list above.

This is a fixed price irrespective of the wage of  parcel, which must not exceed 30kg. 

Each package up to 30kg is insured of amount of £100.
Collections and deliveries of parcels from Europe is carried out in office hours (7:00 - 18:00) each day. Consignments are being receive from the client in the "Door to Door" system,  which means that they are received, and deliver to  the address indicated. Delivery time is 3 to 7 working days. Order must be placed before 15:00 at working day so We can collect it on the following day. All orders placed after 15:00 , or placed at Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays, will be move to another working day.

Collections and deliveries of parcels from Poland will be collected even on the same day, it the order is placed before 7.00 in the morning. If the order is placed after 7.00, it will be moved to another working day.



We are pleased to answer to any questions by phone or through the contact form!

Other Important Information:


In packages collected by DPD / Parcel Force couriers, is prohibited to sending short term food, meat product,  glass, electronics, appliance or fragile items or containing liquids. Otherwise parcel may not be collected, or not delivered, and no claims will be accepted (this kind of product may be send trought Transtoke Gabaryt service).


Collection and delivery for package is carried within the office hours (9:00 am - 6.00 pm) every working day. There is no possibility to arrange a courier for guaranted hour


Please note, that suitcases must be packed properly in carton boxes or wrapped in foil. Couriers have right to do not take the consignemts if the suitcase is not packed as described. If packages is not packet as desribed, no claims will be accepted !!!


If sender is not available, or package will not be ready to be collected, its automatically will be counts as order been made, and another attemps will need to be paid again, of the amount of 10.00 GBP


If the package in Transtoke Standard service up to 30kg which is carried by DPD is not compatible with the declared in the order, and its oversized or overweighted , person who has ordered a service may be charged with a penalty of up to 300.00 GBP.



Maximum weight of a single package: 30 kg.

Maximum lenght: 175 cm (the longest side) - C.

The sum of the base perimeter and the amount of packaging can not exceed 300 cm, where the height is the longest side of the package: up to 300 cm = (2 x length) (2 x width) of the longest side.


Package volume calculator

Check if your package meets the conditions of the offer for parcels up to 30kg

A - length: cm
B - width: cm
C - height: cm

Image has the formula as follows:

(2 x A) + (2 x B) + C = can not exceed 300cm

Note: if the volume of the package exceeds 300cm please try Transtoke Premium or package is valued according to the offer consignments over 30kg.

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