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Insurance and Certificates

Your safety is our priority.



For your security, our website is protected by SSL certificate:



Our online payments are handled by the best operators so that you are guaranteed that your money is always safe:



Each of your package is insured without any extra costs.

Parcels in Transtoke Standard and Transtoke Premium are insured for amount of 100.00 GBP

Parcels in Transtoke Gabaryt - insurance depends on (if new) on the proof of payment or purchase, if used is calculated to the market value,

Insurance in Transtoke Pallet service depends on the size and weight of shipment, more details soon.



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Cheaply and Safely

Daily contact with our customers let us create the best offer for you, based on your needs and suggestions.

Prices for consignments over 30kg are negotiated with each customer individually. For more informations please submit your questions using the pricing form.

Once we receive your request we will contact you as soon as it is possible. Each quote will not be left without the answer.


This is where you will find answers to frequently asked questions .

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» Insurance and Certificates

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